Chaos is Inherent…

You have everything under control until you don’t Maybe life is not about having everything under control While there is order in the madness what does one do when they feel compelled to have it all figured out? We are all creatures of habit. Blessed with the ability to think but cursed with the need of heeding to what the heart wants. They say nothing is over until you stop trying, and I know life isn’t all about the sunshine, but what do you do when you prefer to stay shivering in the rain for five minutes of sunshine, hoping … Continue reading Chaos is Inherent…

Bullet journaling and other experiments

Am not a new year new me person, but I sometimes am too reflective for my own good! I love making lists, crossing things off them and maintaining a journal about whatever I feel like. This habit has more to do with my obsession with stationary and less to do with all the emotionally healthy benefits maintaining a journal should have. The idea of maintaining a diary was imbibed at a young age by my mother who felt I was never an expressive child. Maybe growing up I have come to acknowledge that  I bottle up every damn thing eventually … Continue reading Bullet journaling and other experiments

You’ve only got to Start

Eight months ago, I moved to a city I never lived in not just armed with a degree in journalism, but also a severe back injury I wish I had paid more attention to back then. While living in denial seems like the easiest thing to do, reality isn’t far behind and will be sure to knock you out before you comprehend what hit you. That’s exactly what happened, about a month into my “adulting” what i kept ignoring as sore muscles jolted me out of sleep at 3 am and I could move nothing but my upper body. Thinking … Continue reading You’ve only got to Start

Note to self- Hey you!

  The hardest part is to start?  After days of trying to streamline what my next post should be about, I’m just going to plunge right into it. No carefully chosen topic, no planning or scheduling because this is not a post am making for my blog to grow, am writing this because the world is stepping into a new year in less than a week,and for some reason whenever something begins or ends I have to write, it’s like I can’t stop something from bothering me if I don’t put it down in words. So here goes… 2016 has … Continue reading Note to self- Hey you!

What you and I Need?

  Thoughts on Gandhi’s Principle of Simplistic living   What we need to survive? While any sane person would choose simplicity,it’s easier said than done. While most of us might stand and even argue for simplistic living, when it comes to implementing it in one’s lives it seems like a far fetched idea. Who do we have to blame for this attitude? Our society? Ourselves? One cannot say. Today, most of us are caught up in this rat race to be better than the other. Competition isn’t oneself, but the next person. Man long ago seemed to have traded peace … Continue reading What you and I Need?

Time the healer or Traitor?

My mind will tell you not to worry, My heart will tell you, ‘I’m so sorry,’ My mind will know you did mean well, My heart will tell you, ‘You gave me hell.’ My mind will tell you I will be fine, My heart will scream, ‘You were out of line!’ My mind will assure you I’ll move on, My heart will shout, ‘Be gone! Be gone!’ My mind will accept you thought of me, My heart will ask you to set me free; My mind knows reason as it knows rhyme, But my heart—dear heart—it needs more time. Continue reading Time the healer or Traitor?

The grass is always greener on the other side.

What if grass greener on the other side, Because it’s always raining there, where the ones who never fail to give,   hardly have enough to spare,   where the people with the broadest smiles,   have pillows filled with tears,    And the bravest ones you’ve ever known,are crippled by their fears,   It’s filled with lonely people, But they’re never seen alone, Where those that lack real shelter, Make you feel the most at home, Maybe their grass looks greener,   Because they’ve painted on its hue,   Just remember from the other side, Your grass looks greener … Continue reading The grass is always greener on the other side.