Try again

12th January, 2018 Two weeks into a new year and some of my resolutions are going good and some not so great. I initially thought not writing them down would make me want to keep them, but now is a good time to bring in accountability into the picture. Some of things I wanted to work on this month were the time I spend using my phone, time spent on social media. I’m quit all beverages for as long as I can and am even planning on removing milkshakes starting 15th. So far so good, I’m reading three books at … Continue reading Try again

Bullet journaling and other experiments

Am not a new year new me person, but I sometimes am too reflective for my own good! I love making lists, crossing things off them and maintaining a journal about whatever I feel like. This habit has more to do with my obsession with stationary and less to do with all the emotionally healthy benefits maintaining a journal should have. The idea of maintaining a diary was imbibed at a young age by my mother who felt I was never an expressive child. Maybe growing up I have come to acknowledge that  I bottle up every damn thing eventually … Continue reading Bullet journaling and other experiments