Fail, reset

I failed, so I start again. Day 01 – Sept 18 – Sigh, I almost feel like a joke. But I am not ready to give up yet. The best part of the last three days was that I could live with all these things that were only harming me so far. I failed so bad, I got upset and thought the easiest way to make myself feel better was to smoke. Right after I felt really sick and wanted to distract myself which led me to log on to Instagram.  Nothing helped and I realised I’ll have an ice … Continue reading Fail, reset

I have returned for day 2. I felt drained out due to weird work timings and have not been able to get too much of other work done. It’s the weekend so I’m looking at getting some solid reading done. Do you think reading two different books at a time is efficient? I also am looking at getting my workout in. I can barely get in 10 burpees in during one session and want to get it up to a 100 by the time we are done here. So I guess that’s another addition to the list.   Update on … Continue reading

Bullet journaling and other experiments

Am not a new year new me person, but I sometimes am too reflective for my own good! I love making lists, crossing things off them and maintaining a journal about whatever I feel like. This habit has more to do with my obsession with stationary and less to do with all the emotionally healthy benefits maintaining a journal should have. The idea of maintaining a diary was imbibed at a young age by my mother who felt I was never an expressive child. Maybe growing up I have come to acknowledge that  I bottle up every damn thing eventually … Continue reading Bullet journaling and other experiments