Age is catching up faster than I thought

I had never imagined I had to start worrying about a skin care regime and sticking to a routine as early as 23!!

But I’ve decided to take up and keep up certain resolutions starting March 1, one of it being doing some good for my skin every damn day.

I’ve dabbed with different products the last couple of months and having combination skin made it really difficult to figure out what worked best, what I really did try was focus on reducing the number of products I used and I think I may have landed the perfect blend!

Like everything else I know this will change but for now, starting today,here’s what I’m doing.

I use a mix of castor oil and baby oil to cleanse my face

Follow it up with sunscreen

And when I get home I use coconut oil to take off any make up and wash my face with this! /skin/skin-cleansers/oil-free-acne-wash/6801710XX.html?cgid=skin-cleansers#start=1

This is all. And in my quest to get rid of everything I’ve been hoarding I’ll be using some other stuff which I plan to write about separately.

What are you using to keep from life and stress getting to your skin??

I’m gonna be pampering myself with these babies tonight, tell me about your plan?



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