Book #1: The PCOD-Thyroid Book by Rujuta Diwekar

Starting sometime in March I decided to start reading at least one book per month. There used to be a time when I loved reading but it has been nearly three years since I have finished anything that I have picked up, and I figured it was high time I start on a healthy habit!! Just so that I can keep myself accountable I thought I’d log everything I read on here.

I can’t guarantee presenting a detailed review of everything I have read but I am going to try and that will have to suffice for now!

For March, since I was picking up reading after really long (Almost three years) and I was extremely curious about “PCOD” at that time, I decided to read “The PCOD-Thyroid Book” by Rujuta Diwekar

I must admit that I’ve picked this book up more than once but never really found the motivation to go back to it (that probably just had to do with me being lazy) but once I got to actually reading it, if nothing else it made me feel extremely good about not following fad diets.

Not everyone might like the casual way in which the book has been written, it really just reads like Rujuta having a conversation with the reader but as you progress this is a book that simply is trying to reinforce the idea of a “clean healthy meal” and following that isn’t really rocket-science.

For anyone familiar with PCOD a.k.a the outcome of sedentary lifestyle wrecking damage to our lives, this book sure serves as an eye-opener. If you are somebody who has tried various diets or are contemplating tackling PCOD head on and attempting to reverse hormonal imbalance by cutting out major food groups and magically shedding those extra kilos, you’ll be inspired to take a less harsh method.

The message here is clear: “Move as much and as often as you can, do not deprive yourself of anything and please for the love of god listen to your body!” If you are someone stressing about why or how you happened to be cursed with this imbalance and just how you could fix it, this book will nudge you on the path of improvement but of course to keep to it depends on you!

While most of us are not fortunate or stupid enough to shell out big bucks to find out what you should eat or not, most things documented here are logic. Duh if you have donuts for breakfast and spend your days glued to your chair you will slowly kill yourself!

Sure the takeaways from this book depends entirely on individual approach, I personally would like to read a more detailed book on PCOD but this did come to me at a good time as it changed my approach to wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes as I was getting used to a 9-hour desk job.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something health inspo and is panicking about just how sedentary you life is getting at 22!!The-Pcod-Thyroid-Book-SDL235181332-1-7bfc9


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