Picture Wednesday

Week one

This week’s picture is of this beautiful canopy I found just outside my workplace.

It’s been a very slow week, constantly plagued by fear of not doing the right thing, fear of letting things get by and worst of all the fear of slipping back into the slump that I might just have crawled out.

Sitting under this just for a few minutes because I wasn’t quite sure what to do next made me realise how I am almost forgetting that the most simple things bring me joy.

In a city clogged with traffic, where there is barely anytime to soak in the beauty of a sunset or witness the miracle of a new dawn, this picture is my daily reminder to slow down.

Slow down and let things fall into place. Don’t let fear of your future and your past eat up your present.

Breathe. It’s a beautiful world only if you took the time to look closely. 


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