You’ve only got to Start

Eight months ago, I moved to a city I never lived in not just armed with a degree in journalism, but also a severe back injury I wish I had paid more attention to back then.

While living in denial seems like the easiest thing to do, reality isn’t far behind and will be sure to knock you out before you comprehend what hit you. That’s exactly what happened, about a month into my “adulting” what i kept ignoring as sore muscles jolted me out of sleep at 3 am and I could move nothing but my upper body. Thinking back now, I’m not sure if it was fear that paralysed me or it was just the pain but what followed was a nightmare I am so glad to have been rescued from!

Negligence was threatening to turn an easily recoverable muscle tear into slip disc, am lucky to have been blessed with parents who don’t make hasty decisions, so several second opinions, ayurvedic sessions later,  I was on muscle relaxants and wasn’t allowed to workout till my back completely healed. Even though I cannot sit idle for more than 15 minutes and have to find some way to tire myself out, it seemed like a small price to pay compared to living the rest of your life thinking twice before doing anything!

Flash forward four months and like all those people living in cities complaining how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle I too, hidden behind my “injury” was barely making any decision that would help damage control till I was fit enough to start working out again.

All the time I would earlier otherwise spend going on walks, runs or swims were spent “catching up” with friends, eating out, and other vices that clearly do nothing but make things worse. Somewhere along the way, my back healed but my need to pop muscle relaxants did not stop.

It was so magical, any time of the day any slight discomfort and I’d be reaching into my bag for relief.  

Everything was great until I realised it was not. While attending my graduation ceremony, I realised I had left college with so many different images in my head, about how life was going to be now that I would be earning, about all the things I wanted to do because I finally would have the time to do. The Reality? I was heading in the opposite direction of everything I had imagined, and had no clue where I was headed!

Sure nobody knows what they want to do, or what life might throw at you but I was not okay physically, mentally and emotionally! While I knew no one is lucky to hit the pause button and reorganise, it isn’t that hard to try.

I’m easy to inspire, easily motivated but I also am lazy! Every time I find myself my laziness causing me my own doom, I magically seem to bounce out of it and all is well again! Not to push this too far, that evening I received my degree I realised I am running out of time, waiting and hoping for things to take their course was in no way going to get me where I wanted to be, so just like that, I started eliminating my vices one day at a time.

When you get super comfortable it is not easy to just walk out of the slob paradise you’ve been housing at, but it is worth everything once you have left that place far behind.

Well, a lot has happened since November 2016, but those are stories for another day, one of them also being the reason I’m restarting blogging, a habit I have tried and failed miserably to keep at over the last two years.

My take away from working on this post is START. We all have to start somewhere to see the change we want to see in our lives, and this is my way of reassuring myself that it isn’t to let. My following posts would bring things up to speed about all the wonderful things that have been taking shape cause i have been trying one day at a time!!


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