What you and I Need?


Thoughts on Gandhi’s Principle of Simplistic living


What we need to survive? While any sane person would choose simplicity,it’s easier said than done. While most of us might stand and even argue for simplistic living, when it comes to implementing it in one’s lives it seems like a far fetched idea. Who do we have to blame for this attitude? Our society? Ourselves? One cannot say.

Today, most of us are caught up in this rat race to be better than the other. Competition isn’t oneself, but the next person. Man long ago seemed to have traded peace of mind and a clear conscience for keeping up appearances and wanting to please the society even at the cost of not being content within. Social status, bank balance, fancy cars, branded clothes, complicated gadgets today have become a measure of how successful or unsuccessful a man is. This endless chase behind making money, and the notion that money could buy you satisfaction is what is leading man down a path of self destruction, spiralling out of control.

What any human needs are the simple things, it’s the little things that matter, materialistically all anyone would need to survive is the basic food, clothing and shelter. But are need for these basics today has been overpowered by greed and the urge to keep wanting more. So much so that this greed of not being satisfied with anything we have is justified as “human tendency” No, we need to stop making excuses for our greed and dissatisfaction. I might not be old or wise enough to not give into temptation, but am smart enough to realise that continuing on this relentless journey of attaining “better living standards” is going to do more harm than good. Like most things in life, the answer and solution is right in front of us, but still choose to be weak and take comfort in our excuses. Gandhi does stand as a brilliant example for simplistic living, but even if one tried to blindly follow him, it would seem like an unattainable feat. We are saying what we are when asked this question, but are we willing to incorporate these “ideals” in our lives? Change comes from within, no amount of words, examples, tall promises, goals, dreams, wants, is going to become reality if we don’t change from within. The mind knows what is wrong, but the heart? The heart wants what it wants. So really, a choice about anything comes from within and saying that i want a simple living is an entirely different idea than actually living a materialistical simple life.



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