Fail, reset

I failed, so I start again. Day 01 – Sept 18 – Sigh, I almost feel like a joke. But I am not ready to give up yet. The best part of the last three days was that I could live with all these things that were only harming me so far. I failed so bad, I got upset and thought the easiest way to make myself feel better was to smoke. Right after I felt really sick and wanted to distract myself which led me to log on to Instagram.  Nothing helped and I realised I’ll have an ice … Continue reading Fail, reset

Day three

Sept 16 -Day 03   Has not been easy but I picked up a new book and caught up on lots of sleep over the weekend. I realize that with a little bit of extra effort I can make changes to how I feel about everyday life. I started to read this today and it seems quite motivating. Made some progress on the diet book but not so much in its application in real-life. So for the new week, my main aim would be more mindful eating habits. I worked out a bit this evening and hope to go for … Continue reading Day three

I have returned for day 2. I felt drained out due to weird work timings and have not been able to get too much of other work done. It’s the weekend so I’m looking at getting some solid reading done. Do you think reading two different books at a time is efficient? I also am looking at getting my workout in. I can barely get in 10 burpees in during one session and want to get it up to a 100 by the time we are done here. So I guess that’s another addition to the list.   Update on … Continue reading

Quitting & picking

Is this another failed attempt at trying to keep my blog alive? Time will tell. I will make a 100-word post every day for the next 100 days, which will be the challenges I want to take on in the next 100 days.   I’m using the Hemingway editor app for desktop to make sure I don’t cheat with the word count clause.   Here’s what I’d like to start with – 1. Quit added sugar – After not giving my desire to reach for sweets after meals much thought for months now, I’m convinced that it is time I … Continue reading Quitting & picking

No turning back

Attachment. Are humans inevitably to feel attached to things? What happens when you do lose something that you thought you would never lose, and you feel nothing? Maybe just relief. Like lightning of a burden, like finally waking up and realising the answer to your problem was always there, was so simply, was just waiting to be seen. I have always quite honestly found myself more attached to things and people to an almost unhealthy level. That coffee mug I HAVE to have my morning cuppa every day That one pen I carry with me for important work That one … Continue reading No turning back

Routine is not Rut?

The week’s been quite reflective. It seems to me, that every 20 something year old goes through a phase where they realise that there was always so much beauty in you, in me and in everything and for whatever reason we believe the lies that are fed to us, until one day you look at an old photograph  and wonder why you did not believe in yourself enough. No, I’m not going to go off on a rant about self-love and self-appreciation, trying to convince you and me that you are beautiful, you always have been, it’s just been a … Continue reading Routine is not Rut?

Picture Wednesday

Week one This week’s picture is of this beautiful canopy I found just outside my workplace. It’s been a very slow week, constantly plagued by fear of not doing the right thing, fear of letting things get by and worst of all the fear of slipping back into the slump that I might just have crawled out. Sitting under this just for a few minutes because I wasn’t quite sure what to do next made me realise how I am almost forgetting that the most simple things bring me joy. In a city clogged with traffic, where there is barely … Continue reading Picture Wednesday